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What We Do

Alden Pacific Investments is a client-focused, detail oriented partner, dedicated to a higher level of service. We specialize in helping our clients with acquisitions, dispositions, market analysis, underwriting, and asset stabilization. Our focus is multifamily and commercial assets located in Southern California.


A combination of detailed analysis and strategic positioning to drive results.

Selling Services

A Results Oriented Process 

Our unparalleled market knowledge, coupled with technical analysis, allows us to strategically position your asset for disposition across multiple channels quickly, efficiently and effectively

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Exchange Services

An Effective, Efficient Transaction

Proficient in simultaneous, deferred and reverse exchanges we are prepared to handle all aspects of your exchange. From sale through purchase we work directly with the client to help them understand all aspects of the transaction, utilize exchange time frames advantageously, and execute on the transaction successfully. 

Maximizing client success by utilizing 1031 exchanges to achieve long term client objectives



A trusted resource through a transaction life cycle and beyond

Buying Services

The right projects for your portfolio

Using technical and market analysis we advise on due diligence, debt structuring and assist with the creation of a post close stabilization plan its successful execution.

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Consulting Services

What we offer

We offer advisory services related to debt structuring, site selection, real estate strategy, multi-market acquisition, acquisition and disposition. Taking a holistic view of a client's current assets and long term objectives allow us to advise with confidence.

Advisory services related to all aspects of a client portfolio

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