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Who We Are

To all our friends and family,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brokerage – Alden Pacific Investments. Our team founded Alden Pacific Investments as a client-focused, detail-oriented partner for investors. Based in Santa Monica, California, we specialize in helping companies and investors with their commercial real estate requirements, including acquisition, disposition, analysis, and stabilization of commercial and multifamily investment properties.

What differentiates us is a focus on in depth market knowledge coupled with technical analysis. This allows us to advise on and present the right opportunities for clients. Our team has the bandwidth, focus and resources to ensure we can execute on client objectives, and since we are not a volume based brokerage we fully cooperate with external brokers allowing us to create market leverage and gain insights from our shared experiences to deliver exceptional outcomes.

As Coronavirus continues to create uncertainty in global markets, we believe that a fundamental and team-oriented approach allows us to continue to maximize client outcomes. In an industry that’s always pushing the next fad or guru, we are risk adverse, we believe in tried and true investment techniques and we value the importance of working with industry experts to ensure successful client outcomes.


The Alden Pacific Investments Team

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