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California Lawmakers Advance Legislation to Allow Apartments in Single-Family Zones

The California assembly has recently advanced a bill giving high density cities a streamlined process to voluntarily zone for multi-unit housing. According to Costar, Senate Bill 10 passed 44-12 and now returns to the senate for final approval before being sent to Governor Newsom. Senate Bill 10 would allow cities to increase higher-density housing by zoning any parcel for up to 10 units if it is located near transit or in an urban location. Additionally, local governments would be able to designate these projects without a lengthy approval process and review under the California Environment Quality Act.

A companion bill, Senate Bill 9, would allow single-family owners to subdivide their property into up to 4 units without requiring hearings or approvals from cities. Senate Bill 9 could come before assembly as early as this week.

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