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Alden Pacific Investments Completes the Sale of 3-Units in Joshua Tree

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Alden Pacific Investments has completed another successful purchase of a value add deal, located in the high desert at 4327 Normglo, 29 Palms 92277.

Agent Brian Zuckerman represented the buyer on this deal helping to implement his unique value-add, short term rental strategy in the desert.

The property will be both a second home and an income-producing property. It consists of 3 units with 2450 sqft at a current cap rate of 5.22% and market cap rate of 16.9% - boasting over 220% upside post-development. The property was built in 1955 and has ample parking at 10 spaces.

“I offer a comprehensive level of service that includes in-depth financial analysis,

collaboration on a renovation strategy, overseeing the renovations and /or

development as well as long-term marketing and management of the rental. With

“skin in the game” I follow the exact strategy that I propose to execute on behalf of

clients. Pointing to the results of properties in my portfolio helps clients evaluate

the appropriateness of this approach for their own portfolio.” - Brian Zuckerman

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